Thursday, March 17, 2011

Living Artfully – Where to begin planning a room with art

Often while working with our Saks Galleries clients they have many questions about how to place or arrange art in a room. For the next few days I will to share some ideas that I hope you can use as you think about living artfully at home.

Begin thinking about your space or room by choosing the “star”. There are many elements or pieces to designing a room and a home, but I recommend that you select the piece of art or item that is most important to you. This piece will be the
“star” of your room, and other pieces of the design will be planned to support the stars in the room.

Here are a couple of examples.

This dramatic sculpture by Colorado artist Wayne Salge could be the “star” in our room. The simple and clear lines of “Absaroka” capture the energy of a rearing horse, with a sophisticated elegance. Consider the best viewing height for the piece, and the background color or texture that will complement the darkness of the bronze and highlight the lines of the horse.

 Just as easily, this stunning painting “Arrangement With Amaryllis” by Denver master artist Quang Ho could be the “star” in the room. The rich red color and the depth of the tones in the painting will need special lighting to be fully appreciated.  This painting would be beautiful in a room with warm tones, and earthy natural textures.

Living artfully means that you can and should mix sculpture and two dimensional art in the same space. Here are the two pieces photographed together, an artful contrast in style, medium, and subject.

Tomorrow……keep it simple.

Have a question about your room?  Email me an image and your question.

Kathy Montgomery, FASID

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