Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Living Artfully – “At Home”

For the next few days we want to share and explore how to live “artfully” at home. Whether we humans consciencously think about how important it is to include art, sculpture, music and creativity in our daily lives, we at Saks Galleries believe that it is life-enriching for all of us.

For most of us  “HOME” is our personal shelter, a sanctuary, a retreat, where we regenerate, rest, relax. Our home is a reflection and collection of those elements that bring us joy, comfort, inspiration and protection. We surround ourselves at home with elements that create an environment that welcomes and “feeds” our whole self, body, mind and spirit.

So look around in your home. What about your Home environment provides you joy, inspiration, comfort? Is it the color, are there plants and natural materials? What about your home is artful, creative? What feeds your mind and spirit in the design or elements in your home?

As a professional interior designer for many years, art has always been a source of personal inspiration for my work with clients in both residential and commercial environments. The best design is one that begins with art and a client that has a goal to understand the value that artistic creation brings to our health and well-being. 

At Saks Galleries this year especially, we are focused on learning how to live artfully.  In our front window we have started a series of displays that will give our gallery visitors ideas about how to design a room that incorporates paintings and sculpture artfully.

Art Consulting is a new program and service offered at Saks. If you want to learn more about how to incorporate art in your home or office, please stay tuned to this blog for upcoming design ideas.

Living Artfully – 

Kathy Montgomery, FASID

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