Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Living Artfully – Chapter Five

The wrap up

It’s been a pleasure to write the blogs this week for Saks Galleries. Being here at the gallery everyday, I truly appreciate that my life is filled with passion. Art Passion, what a great way to live life. I’m humbled by it all. This place feeds the soul, the visual delights, the heady conversations or the simple conversations about living in the moment, it’s important. As Americans, it’s hard for us to really think about ourselves. We are a society of hard working, caring, driven people.

The conversations I heard from patrons today while Andi took a break from her demonstration, were, “…I just couldn’t do that. She’s amazing.” How beautiful.” Or my favorite - …I’m not creative at all.” But what I know after all these years of living and working in the art world, we are all creative. We just need to give ourselves permission to explore. We need to stay passionate, stay connected. We need to be present and stop long enough to live artfully. Enjoy life.

Our dialogue started out this week with a question, how do we live Living Artfully? My job is a constant artful endeavor at Saks Galleries, with new works being delivered by our artists, new exhibitions and salons to develop each week. But what if I didn't have this position, what then? I'd still search for the grace in life, still absorb the light, work at filling my life with joy.

Kim English
Silver Plume
9.5" x 11"
This week was a good one.

Master Sculptor, Andi Mascareñas had people laughing and exploring sculpting with a live model. Even Quang Ho dropped by to visit, we hear he is taking a class with Andi.

Michelle Torrez will be dropping by the Gallery in Cherry Creek March 26th with her own set of creative ideas on painting “in the moment”.

Jill Soukup has a few fresh paintings for us to enjoy while she is working on her first book, “Jill Soukup a Twenty Year Perspective”.

And check out this beautiful Kim English entitled, "Silver Plume" 9.5 x 11 oil

Next Week’s Blogs by Kathy Montgomery, FASID

“Living Artfully in Your Environment”

Several really useful tips on creating a beautiful space both at home and in the office by Saks Galleries in-house Art Consultant. Please drop in to chat with Kathy.

To another week of living artfully - dejon austin malley

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