Thursday, March 10, 2011

Inspirations to Living Artfully in 2011

Here at Saks Galleries we are devoted to living artfully, particularly this year. It’s our mantra!  It's hard not to live artfully in our environment, surrounded by beautiful impressions of life.  From sweeping western landscapes, fiery reclining femmes, expressions of captivating eastern coastlines, urban reflections, to inviting and touchable sculpture.  It’s all here, everyday. What a beautiful place.

Art reflects all faucets of our being and humanity. After all, when archeologists dig in whatever they dig out – It’s artifacts, right? But what does this maxim mean, “Living Artfully”?   

We want to know what you think and how it relates in your life.  Email us and share your thoughts.

I’ve heard living artfully doesn’t just reflect our passions and desires – the idea is that it encompasses our whole being, feeds the soul, drives us to creativity in every spectrum of our lives.  It should even, I’m told, relate to how we wash the dishes – seriously.  There’s an art to it.  I’m working on that.

Visit the gallery either at the Cherry Creek Denver location or our website Saks Galleries. Visit often. Inspire us all – How will you live this year artfully? Perhaps visit the museums, mediate outside while the hint of spring is surrounding us this week?  You could drop by Saks Galleries when we are presenting demonstrations, lectures and salons, come to a reception, buy a piece of art, adopt an artist.

Whatever you will – “Living Artfully” is our goal.  Stay tuned for more inspiration.
                                                                                                                   blog by- dejon austin malley

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