Thursday, March 10, 2011

Inspirations to Living Artfully - Take Two

March 10, 2011

New Work by Jill Soukup at Saks Galleries

Day two in our blog on how we are “Living Artfully” in 2011.  If you haven’t emailed us your thoughts on the subject of lifestyle, just click on the Saks Galleries blog spot page, scroll down to the post a comment section and share. You can even subscribe - receive the daily blog about 'fresh art' arriving at Saks Galleries or when the next special event unfolds.  It’s that easy.

                                                                                  "Bull Assured "                  oil 36 x 34

Just arrived.  Jill Soukup’s latest arrival is entitled “Bull Assured”.  It is a masterful, 36 x 34 oil, depicting a powerful sentient being.  Full of strength and confidence and in the corporate world or the world of everyday challenges, we all can relate.

Jill says of this piece, The bull in this painting is from the Zapata Ranch adjacent to the Great Sand Dunes of Colorado. The ranch is run by an amazing family, in conjunction with the Nature Conservatory. They manage about 1500 bison that roam the land almost as they did 100 years ago—as close to their natural past as possible—possibly why this bull seemed so confident and comfortable in his environment. In technical terms with this piece it was about a simple composition where I could focus on and push texture.”

And to Living Artfully?  How does Jill Soukup, the artist, reflect our mantra? Simple, she is confidant – her work - recognizable. We are always assured of Jill’s artful brushwork.  There is purpose, a deliberate certainty to her unique approach. Her painting technique is dynamic - completely engineered.  No wonder she is one of the most sought after painters in the west.  We are extremely happy to present Jill Soukup at Saks Galleries.

Visit the gallery to view this piece and all of Jill Soukup’s current works.  Saks Galleries will present a solo exhibition for Jill in January 2012. 

                                                                         here’s to living artfully everyday - dejon austin malley

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