Saturday, March 12, 2011

Living Artfully – Chapter Three

Andi Mascareñas – Master Sculptor Demonstrates Fired Clay Process

By now you have caught the rhythm of the blogs this week - our take on “Living Artfully”. Saks Galleries has long been a community-minded entity, encouraging contemporary master artists to explore beauty and inspire us to live passionately. In the past year and a half we have presented some of the most inspired artists.

We had a series of staff discussions on how to give back to the community. So we developed a series of master workshops by renowned artists. Internationally respected artists such as Quang Ho, Karen Vance and Jay Moore provided a wealthy of knowledge to the participants. Massive quantities of living artfully. Then…

We expanded to demonstrations and quickly move forward to petite salons, fun hands-on lectures about the historical role egg tempera played in the chronological development of fine art. Check out our home page at Saks Galleries scroll to the educational icon and click to the information page on lectures. You’ll also note an upcoming salon, “The Art of Collecting Art” by Mikkel Saks. Don’t miss either.

Andi Mascareñas, Four of Hearts, Fired Clay

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This Saturday, Saks Galleries presents Master Sculptor, Andi Mascareñas, who will discuss sculpting in the moment, how the flow of inner light guides her, how the ballet and dancers inspire her work.

All patrons and artists are encouraged to come by and meet Andi. Get to know her - sculptor, painter, teacher. Stay for light refreshments and enjoy the transitional exhibition now through May 14th, “Impressions of Spring”. This 12-week transitional exhibition features master artists exploring the awakenings of spring to its full bloom.

Kim English, Andi’s husband, has a solo exhibition, entitled "Observations" at Saks Galleries Cherry Creek Denver in May 2011. artfully – dejon austin malley

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