Tuesday, March 29, 2011

“Five Masters of Egg Tempera: Historical and Contemporary Celebration”

A Special Presentation hosted by

Saks Galleries

Exhibition, Sale and Salon

Afternoon Reception and Salon Saturday, April 2, 2011 at 1:00 pm

View Works March 25 - April 16, 2011

Please join us as we celebrate one of the most significant mediums in Art History

Gary Milek

Finely detailed egg tempera paintings depicting the Vermont countryside, rich gold leaf and egg tempera landscapes, and watercolors featuring botanically-correct flowers and herbs, characterize the work of nationally-known artist Gary Milek. Painting from a deep respect for the natural world around him, Milek uses 15th century techniques to recreate the New England landscapes that surround his homestead in Vermont.

While Gary Milek’s art is collected throughout the world, he is a regional painter, having painted the New England landscape for more than 30 years. His work can be viewed at his studio and shop, Cider Hill Gallery, in Windsor, Vermont, as well as at fine art galleries throughout New England. Many of his images are available as giclée limited edition prints. Commissioned paintings can be arranged by contacting the artist.

Gary paints on masonite, beginning with cherry wood or oak cribbing for the back of the panel to keep it rigid and protect it from warping. He believes that the preparation of this surface is of greatest importance, and has spent decades developing the method he finds best. In all, Milek applies eight coats of hot gesso, a thick mixture he concocts from whiting and titanium added to hot rabbit skin glue. When the final coat is sufficiently dry, he sands the panel to an ivory smooth finish. The panel must cure for a few days before it is ready to apply the egg tempera.

To prepare egg tempera, Milek gets a fresh egg, separates yolk and white, and takes the yolk in his hand until the white is almost completely dried. He then punctures the yolk and removes the membrane to prevent it from getting into the paint. A natural emulsion, he adds water to the egg yolk to bring it to a paintable consistency, and then mixes in the powdered pigments he needs for a particular painting.

Gary is one of five masters presented in this exhibition. Join Saks Galleries as we celebrated this most historical medium. Learn how the masters blend egg yolk and pigment to a gesso primed board to reflect light back through the paint giving the colors extraordinary luminosity.

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