Saturday, March 12, 2011

Living Artfully – Chapter Four

Spring is in the Air

Michelle Torrez American Expressionist at Saks Galleries

“At One with the Wind”
12 x 12 oil

Michelle Torrez is definitely working her way into becoming one of America’s iconic painters. A few years ago, one of America’s leading art collector magazines stated that very thing. She is one of America’s best expressionist artists and is presented by Saks Galleries.

A trip to her studio, for me, is likened to a trip to my Uncle Lionel’s candy store, called Austin’s Sweet Shop, when I was a kid living in London. I’m totally engulfed in the

swirls of bright colors on her palette, the smell of fresh brush strokes on the canvas and how intoxicating the light streams in from the windows, as it plays on the finished paintings. I go often to bring back the sweets to the gallery to share – I can’t help it, I’m addicted to her work and can’t wait for the next serving.

The latest of her confections is presented in “Impressions of Spring” a twelve -week transitional exhibition now through May14 at Saks Galleries. She promised to have more in the next week or so. Just before her demonstration, Saturday, March 26th here in the gallery. Come early as people usually line up to enjoy.

More Michelle – Michelle Torrez’ video at and more information on Michelle Torrez Demonstration March 26 at Saks Galleries as well as other master artists demonstrating at Saks Galleries.

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….to living artfully – dejon austin malley

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