Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sallie K. Smith's "After the Storm" at Saks Galleries

Sallie K. Smith has several beautiful landscapes in the "Impressions of Fall" exhibition at Saks Galleries. But I wanted to blog about this particular painting of Sallie's for several reasons, mainly because of the story-line behind this piece.

Sallie tells us..."Living in the semi-arid climate of Colorado makes me really appreciate a good downpour. Late one afternoon in Boulder, the sky opened and our town was washed down by a short but powerful rain. On the outskirts of the city these horses, wet with rain, went back about their grazing while the clouds, mist and the setting summer sun created this fresh and peaceful moment."

As Coloradans, we all have an appreciation for the rains or what seems like the monsoon weather patterns of Northern New Mexico these past few weeks. We have been raised with a deep abiding respect for our delicate eco-system and how precious water is out in the West. We are all practicing environmentalist on some level. And while we are concentrating on the ever-changing weather here, in this story, we are gently reminded of the beauty that surrounds us in Colorado, a pastoral setting with the Rocky Mountains in the background, lush green meadows sprinkled with high mountain flowers, and horses grazing on freshly washed sweet grasses that have emerged from the rains.

Surely, we could all enjoy an artful, late summer picnic as the sunset warms us. Send us images of your artful picnic in the Rocky Mountains.

Enjoy Sallie's latest works in the "Impressions of Fall" now through September 30, 2011
Meet Sallie K. Smith along with artists Barry Kooser and Jill Soukup Saturday, August 13, 2011 1:pm - 4:pm for "An Afternoon with the Artists" reception and demonstrations.

The "Impressions of Fall" will include a salon presented by Mikkel Saks on "The Art of Collecting Art", September 17th in conjunction with a reception for "Sculptures Who Paint and Painters Who Sculpt" - September 17th. Meet the artists.

Painting Credit: Sallie K. Smith "After The Storm" 16 x 32 oil
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