Friday, July 29, 2011

Congratulations Andrea T. Kemp


Saks Galleries congratulates
on the sale of "Cherries" presented at the opening of
Now through September 30, 2011

"Where and how do I begin my career as a painter? At that time, I did what now is my life’s motto; when I am feeling stuck, I remind myself to just begin. Begin anywhere! My one and only concern was to paint paint paint! Somewhere between the beginning and the many paintings I had created, a voice emerged that was quiet but my own. My work developed into the beauty I wanted to portray.

The inspiration for my paintings come from all around me. Sometimes it can be as simple as a color, other times it can be the way two people are interacting. Whatever it might be, it is used as a building block for the piece. That is when creating an environment that will compliment, emphasize, or perhaps downplay my motive becomes so important to executing that vision. When working through a painting I have experience and tools to use that I have acquired from my past work, but never is the path completely the same. There are always unexpected obstacles that arise. Those little and big bumps give me the opportunity to truly be creative. To create the impossible and let the magic take hold."

Andrea T. Kemp

To learn more about Andrea T. Kemp visit
email at or call 303.333.4144

New Works

Edward Aldrich, William Berra, Rick Brogan, Kathy Cooper, Jane Christie, C. Michael Dudash, Barry Eisenach, Kim English, Daniel Glanz, Michael Godfrey, Walt Gonske, Very Goodnight, David Gray, Ron Hicks, Quang Ho, Andrea T. Kemp, Andre Kohn, Kirsten Kokkin, Barry Kooser, Joseph Lorusso, Kim Mackey, Andi "Nura" Mascare├▒as, Jay Moore, Robert Murray, Mary Qian, Don Sahli, Wayne Salge, Sallie K. Smith, Jill Soukup, Shirley Thomson-Smith, Michelle Torrez, Clive R. Tyler and Karen Vance.

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