Saturday, July 23, 2011

Impressions of Fall - Saks Galleries - A Must for the Art Junkie

Edward Aldrich, " A Day in Paradise", 18 x 32

"Opening Nights - A Must for the Art Junkie"

There is always something exciting going on in the art world. Denver, Colorado is no exception. Here in the mile-high city, we offer a full breadth of galleries, museums, special events and art festivals. And opening night events are just fun, always have been from The Salons in Paris beginning in 1725, to the New York Art Scene of the mid 1970's, to the very present Denver, Colorado.

The anticipation for those of us who have become professional art addicts or art junkies, as I lovingly refer to them, can't get enough. Is it the intoxicating smell of fresh paint on the canvas, the sheen of patina on a new Dan Glanz sculpture, the inspiration brought on by the site of what your favorite artist has created or the opportunity to mingle with fellow art junkies?

For me, I can't wait to get the chill bumps from unwrapping and seeing a new painting destine for the latest exhibition, then finding the right combination of new works to hang together. The lighting gets tricky sometimes - some works need less light, some need more, but then you ready for the party. What's great about the opening night reception? Everything. The entire process for an art junkie like me is an adrenaline rush. Everyone has a smile on their face, it's a special night - the art is exceptional - the artists are feeling accomplishment and the patrons are satiated.

Drop by for an art junkie rush - enjoy this exceptional exhibition.

July 22 - September 30th

This 10 week exhibition includes demonstrations by gallery artists, a pastel workshop by Jane Christie, a salon presented by Mikkel Saks on "The Art of Collecting Art", a special exhibition of "Sculptures Who Paint and Painters Who Sculpt" and more works.

living artfully for Saks Galleries -dejon austin malley

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