Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Congratulations to David Gray


David Gray on the sale of
"Market Gems," "Odds and Ends I" and "Blue Ribbon"
presented at the opening of "Impressions of Fall" exhibition

Now through September 30, 2011

Saks Galleries began representing David Gray shortly after he became a participant in the "American Art Invitational" hosted by the gallery in Denver, Colorado in December of 2010.

Writer, Bonnie Gangelhoff said of Gray in a recent article in Southwest Art Magazine, ..."Whether he is painting still lifes or figures, Gray brings a deep knowledge of and respect for the masters that translates into an elegant minimalism on canvas or panel. His tonalist portraits usually focus solely on the head and shoulders, while his still lifes feature timeless objects surrounded by generous does of negative space." We couldn't have said it better.

Gray's greatest influence is neo-classical artist Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres (1790-1867). David suggests the abstract qualities of Ingres paintings are what have encouraged him in his own works. Most patrons recognize a Dutch influence reminiscent of Vermeer's work, especially in the "Muse" painting, presented during the American Art Invitational last December.

There is a quite, simple, calmness to David Gray's paintings. We are pleased to represent him.

To learn more about David Gray visit Saks Galleries website, email us a dejon@saksgalleries.com or call 303.333.4144.

The "Impressions of Fall" exhibition includes demonstrations by gallery artists, a pastel workshop by Jane Christie, August 26 and 27, a salon presented by Mikkel Saks on "The Art of Collecting Art", September 17th, a special exhibition of "Sculptures Who Paint and Painters Who Sculpt" September 16 - 30 and more works.

living artfully for Saks Galelries, dejon austin malley

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