Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Gordon Brown Escalante Cottonwood Painting of the Day at Saks Galleries

Saks Galleries Cherry Creek
Modern and Traditional Fine Art

Fine Art Painting of the Day
Gordon Brown

Gordon Brown "Escalante Cottonwood" 24 x 14 Oil

Gordon creates atmospheric, moody paintings depicting nature at its most raw and natural form. Graceful and passionate brushstrokes mark his canvas, inviting the viewer to seek a closer look. Brown apprenticed under Professor Ding of the Bejing Central Art Academy. Their relationship stretched to New York, where Ding instilled an understanding of the work of Masters: The sensitivity of Bierstadt, the simplistic delicate tones of Innes and the attentive brushwork of Singer Sargent.   

The Summertime Exhibition
Now - August 22, 2015

Saks Galleries Cherry Creek
Traditional and Modern Art
3019 East 2nd Avenue
Denver, Colorado 80206

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