Saturday, August 1, 2015

Dinah Worman Landscape Painting of the Day Available at Saks Galleries Denver Colorado

Saks Galleries Cherry Creek
Modern and Traditional Fine Art

Fine Art Painting of the Day
Dinah Worman

Dinah Worman "Layers of the Landscape" 40 x 40 Oil

Dinah's landscape paintings are instantly recognizable for their clarity and depth. Light is everywhere. It filters through the trees and streams, between the clouds. She is able to retain this vitality because she is continually renewing her vision.  “I work to press beyond method and into a flow of creative instinct; using pastel, oil, acrylic or printmaking to express mysel with unusual compositions and expanding vision."  Dinah’s work ranges from representational to imaginative variations taken from a creative viewpoint of man and his relationship to the landscape.
Dinah Worman will present new work in Saks Galleries next exhibition
A Modern View 
Opening August 28, 2015

>for more information on the Summertime Exhibition use this quick link <

The Summertime Exhibition
Now - August 22, 2015

Saks Galleries Cherry Creek
Traditional and Modern Art
3019 East 2nd Avenue
Denver, Colorado 80206

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