Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Deborah Bays Pastel Painting of the Day at Saks Galleries

Saks Galleries Cherry Creek
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Fine Art Painting of the Day
Deborah Bays

Deborah Bays "Lilacs and Leaves" 9 x 12 Pastel

Deborah Bays

Deborah Bays prepares her pastel compositions as she did when preparing theatre staging in the beginning of her career. “As westerners,” she explains …”we read from left to right, I carefully block in my still life objects with this in mind. Like dealing with stage space, I consider an interesting object on the left but illuminate more brightly another object in the upper-right corner of the painting, creating two focal points of interest in a diagonal line.”

Deborah also creates her compositions with mathematical prowess. Utilizing the ancient Golden Mean Theory, she often uses a predefined spot on a grid to balance interest.  Deborah like artists, architects and composers from the past who practiced this theory, uses this technique to solve her problems of object placement to create a pleasing fine art painting.

She is inspired by the painting masters, Degas, Caravaggio and Vermeer but equally inspired by musical composers to guide her creativity from Beethoven to Mozart. Bays says the music inspires order and beauty because it possess a language that features color, chords and tempo like her paintings.
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