Saturday, April 6, 2013

Navajo, Ganado Red Weaving at Saks Galleries - April 12 and 13 Denver, Colorado

Ganado Red Textiles have long been coveted by collectors of 
Navajo weavings. 

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The small village of Ganado is located in Arizona and is part of the Navajo Nation.  In 1878, Don Lorenzo Hubbell opened his first trading post, which served the Navajo community offering groceries, horse tack and the like. Hubbell encouraged the community’s weavers to produce high quality textiles and marketed them to buyers across the United States.

“Ganado Red” is a very distinctive deep red dye used in these traditional weavings and is set against the natural wool colors.  A black or dark border is usually present and the reds are often offset by grays and white inner designs. The textiles incorporate zigzag lines, diamond triangles and crosses.

Navajo, “Ganado Weaving” Circa 1950’s  72” x 108”

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