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Saks Galleries Presents Modern Realism Artist Eric Wert May 15, 2015

Saks Galleries Cherry Creek
Modern and Traditional Fine Art

Eric Wert
Eric Wert Willakenzie Loam 24 x 30 Oil on panel Modern Realism at

Eric Wert "Willakenzie Loam" 24 x 30 Oil on Panel

"I made this piece with advice from some friends at Elk Cove Vineyards here in Oregon - so it has a number of small elements that relate to viticulture - including a pile of the dry rocky soil that is so good for grapes in the Willamette Valley region where I live (the soil type is Willakenzie Loam- hence the name).

The piece was composed and the subjects were collected with the help of the folks at Elk Cove Winery - My friend Anna was raised in the wine business, so she was my consultant.  Recently,  Elk Cove was honored by Wine and Spirits magazine as one of the wineries of the year - a list of 100 wineries from around the world, only 30 of which are from the US.  It's a family run winery - one of the first in Oregon's Willamette Valley which is now home to many prestigious wineries.  As a side note - my mother was involved in writing the land use policy that led to the rezoning of the region in the mid 70s - allowing for grape cultivation and processing.  Since then the wine business has transformed the local economy from a somewhat depressed agricultural region to a thriving tourist destination- so the subject has a lot of personal resonance.  When we went to some tastings this Summer, several of the owners of older wineries came out and hugged my mom and gave us free tastings in thanks- they still remember the frontier days when the wineries were just getting started - run by pioneer wine freaks rather than some of the more recent Napa Valley transplants."

Saks Galleries Cherry Creek salutes Elk Grove Winery and the Willamette Valley Wine Region

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Opening Night

May 15, 2015

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