Thursday, October 17, 2013

New Works From Kim English Now Available at Saks Galleries Denver Colorado

Kim English
Artist of the Month

New Works from the Studio Tour
Now Available 
Saks Galleries Cherry Creek Denver

Kim English "Paris Sunset" 24 x 30 Oil
Kim English "Grandma's Kitchen" 16 x 18 Oil

"Both in his own life and on the canvas, Kim English combines technical bravura with careful observation. What he brings to our attention are magical moments - such as walking through a passageway, a look into grandma's kitchen, or a lover's stroll in Paris.  These are visual observations beyond words.  Kim explores the human spirit." Mikkel Saks

A Few Snapshots of the Day!

Patrons study a new Kim English painting

Guest enjoy BBQ on the patio at Kim English's studio

Mr. and Mrs. Fritzmeier with Kim and
their new acquisition

Kim English and Mikkel Saks in the studio

Every Day Observations

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