Friday, January 18, 2013

Rare Pueblo Turquoise Bracelet Available at Saks Galleries Cherry Creek Denver

Oldest Fine Art Gallery in Colorado

The story of Southwestern Indian jewelry is a study of evolving techniques. Talking about a bracelet that recently came our way might be a good introduction to the subject.

Pueblo, 1930's, Turquoise and Hand Pulled Twisted Square Wire Foundation Bracelet
This bracelet was made circa 1930 and although the arrangement of the stones might lead some to think it is Navajo in origin, with a large central stone flanked by two smaller turquoise, that is probably not correct. The ornate scrollwork gives this a Pueblo origin, likely Isleta. The cushion-shaped turquoise are a natural Nevada web and hand cut. But the most interesting feature of this beautifully made bracelet is the foundation. There are three square wires, the outside two being twisted to simulate rope work. These square wires were handmade by drawing ingot silver (usually melted from coins) through a drawplate made of metal or bone. You can see the plier marks and imperfections on the middle wire. This technique died out in the 1930’s, which means that this bracelet was made by a smith of the old school. The delicate scrollwork on the top of the bracelet is highly unusual in that it too is made of hand-pulled square wire. The smith who made this piece took great pride in his work and the terminals are beautifully and carefully finished as well.                                        

Pueblo, 1930's, Turquoise and Hand Pulled Twisted Square Wire Foundation Bracelet
Saks Galleries Cherry Creek Denver, Colorado buys and sells fine Native American Antiquities. Our emphasis is on the Navajo and Southwestern areas, but we also feature pre-1900 Plains Indian beadwork and Northwest Coast items. You are sure to find a substantial selection of antique Navajo weavings, pre-1940 Navajo and Zuni jewelry and Pueblo pottery.

Oldest Fine Art Gallery in Colorado

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