Sunday, November 18, 2012

Miniature Sculpture Offerings at Saks Galleries Cherry Creek During the American Art Invitational - December 31, 2012


American Art Inviational
Wayne Salge "Walk On" 12.5" H Bronze Edition of 12

Wayne Salge is among several nationally-known sculptors presented in this year's 
hosted by 
Saks Galleries Cherry Creek
3019 East Second Avenue
Denver, Colorado 80206

Presented now through December 31, 2012.

Here is an excerpt of an interview with Wayne Salge in a recent Southwest Art Magazine article regarding the annual exhibition and his latest work.

Salge "Plough" Bronze Ed of 12
Salge "Walkie-Talkie" Bronze 
"....Among the show’s three-dimensional offerings are small sculptures by Colorado-based artist Wayne Salge. Salge’s distinctive elongated figures speak of gesture, movement, rhythm, and line, where the essence of the human or animal is pared down into engaging, abstracted form. WALK ON, for example, was inspired by the sight of increasing numbers of people out walking quickly for exercise. Salge, whose name is pronounced sol-ghee, often starts with a quick sketch but then works spontaneously, allowing the process to guide his hands as he creates and connects shapes. “It’s all about lines, following lines up the piece, and sharp angles allow me to do that,” he explains."

Other Sculptors include: Babette Bloch, Tim Cherry, Jane DeDecker, Daniel Glanz, T.D. Kelsey, Dan Ostermiller, Rosetta, Sherry Salari Sanders, Tim Shinabarger and Pati Stajcar.

                         For more information of these artists and their work, use this quick link
                                         >> American Art Invitational  << just click here.               

                                       Holiday Hours Thursday and Friday 10am - 7pm

The American Art Invitational is sponsored by 
Southwest Art Magazine and Saks Galleries Cherry Creek
benefitting The Colorado Children's Hospital.

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