Saturday, May 14, 2011

Enjoy An Exclusive Look at Artist Kim English - Exhibition Opens Tonight May 20, 2011

View Kim English Video

A few months ago we started a dialogue about a series on videos interviewing the Saks Galleries artists. We got a little curious about how our artists viewed life. Thus the whole living artfully transpired. We learned a lot, in fact, video taping our artists has proven inspiring and noteworthy. Click on our You Tube button on our home page menu to view all of the videos produced this year. We learned how the artists see themselves, childhood insights, who encouraged them and what triggers their passion to paint or sculpt.

The life of an artist is challenging, focused, uplifting. It's a life - living artfully.

Enjoy this exclusive and intimate video of master painter Kim English as he discusses how he observes the world around him and what his favorite place in the world to paint is.

Kim English's solo exhibition "Observations" opens this evening at 5:00pm here at Saks
Galleries in Cherry Creek Denver, Colorado through June 18, 2011. You can view the entire exhibition on our website.

Kim English "Observations" Solo Exhibition May 20 - June 18, 2011


Opening in conjunction with Kim English is Kim's student workshop exhibition of San Miguel de Allende. Seventeen students took to the streets of San Miguel de Allende and painted alongside of Kim for 10 days.

This special event is presented by Saks Galleries. Opening reception tonight - May 20th at 5:00pm. Come meet all of the workshop artists and Kim English.

Participating Workshop Artists:
Paula Arroyo, Kathy Berenstein, Trish Brock, Sheri Farabaugh, Lesa Filius, Thomas Gargan, Gayle Gegenheimer, Mary Landis, Ann Luce, Robert MacPherson, Skye Mason, Tamara O’Brien, Xue Pritzkau, Carol Rufenach and Cheryl St. John.

Painting Credits:
English "Asleep" 16 x 16 oil
Robert MacPherson "Late Light" 18 x 14 oil

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