Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Living Artfully - " Keeping it Simple"

Here is a beautiful painting titled " Bougainvillea, Santorini" by William Berra.

Use it as our example painting as we talk about

"keeping it simple" below.

One of the hardest things to do when you are planning a room and a home around art is to “keep it simple”. Think of it like this; in each room choose the art in the room that you want to feature. Those pieces will be the featured stars. So eliminate that extra stack of magazines, the cluster of family snapshots, and that plant that isn’t so healthy…. so that your eye sees only the painting, or a piece of sculpture that you want to be the star.

The beauty of the simplicity in your design allows one to see each piece, each important element in the room. It is the basic idea behind a minimalist design philosophy. Art and design in the home is intensely personal, and certainly should reflect the owner’s own style and loves. Living artfully, use that small design premise that “less is more”, and work to simplify the elements in each room.

Thinking about how to design a space in your home around your art? At Saks Galleries we have an in house interior designer/ art consultant and we are happy to talk with you about placing art in your home. Ask for Kathy Montgomery, when you visit the gallery or send a digital image of your space along with your question to kathym@saksgalleries.com for ideas about your room.

Drop by Saks Galleries in beautiful Cherry Creek North Denver, Colorado, or visit our website to see more of William Berra's new paintings.

Kathy Montgomery, FASID for Saks Galleries

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